Monday, February 28, 2011

Review # 7 The Promenade Cafe, Dun Laoghaire

The Promenade Cafe

A: 1-2 Windsor Terrace,
Dun Laoghaire,
T: (01)2148710

The Promenade Café is located just down from Teddy’s Ice Cream in Dun Laoghaire. Peoples Park is around the corner and there is a lovely walk along the coast to Sandyford so you can work off the calories from lunch. I noticed the Promenade Café soon after it appeared but it took me a little while to get down there. After a busy morning with Amelie at the Cuidui play group in in Glenageary I decided to stop for lunch before heading home.
The steps are quite tricky to negotiate with a buggy alone.  I must admit after the stairs I was worried that this place would not be baby friendly at all. I was wrong. I was greeted by a lovely woman who directed me where I could park my buggy and showed me to a table. The only high chair was already in use, luckily I had brought the sackn’ seat so Amelie was fine to sit at the table with me.  Some age appropriate toys and books were delivered to my table to amuse Amelie while I had a peak at the delicious looking food on offer.

The decor is designed to make you think you are in a little French Café, there are all sorts of treats like boiled lollies and homemade relishes to buy that are on display on the walls in between the classic art nouveau posters nicely famed and dotted around the place. I had cottage pie which was very hearty and really hit the spot. For dessert I had a mouth watering slice of cheese cake that was all together far too large I am actually ashamed to say I finished every last mouthful.

Great Café experience, baby friendly yes but baby practical not so much. Stairs, table layout and overall size of the venue poses problems for Mums with more than one child.
We attempted to return the next week, four Mums and four babies… not a chance. We all managed the stairs only to realise there were no tables big enough for us all to sit at (most tables are for two) and no way could we park all the buggies without completely blocking the door. We resigned to try again another day and tottled down to Poppies where there is always room for us and the babies.

Enjoy x

It was a beautiful day and this is a photo taken just by the car park, I love rainbows!

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