Angi & Tara

About Us

We are two very lucky mothers who not only have our wonderful families but also have each other, we laugh together, face challenges together be strong when the other one cant, we are similar in so many ways but oh so different...

We blog to share our adventures with other mothers. We want to share the wonderful places we have discovered to spend time with our families with you and warn you of those not so friendly places. We hope to inspire you to be adventurous rather than anxious at exploring the world with your baby. We hope that by sharing what works for us and what goes terribly wrong for us we can help other Mums or at the very least make you laugh :)

Embarking on the wonderful journey that is motherhood has been so rewarding but certainly at times overwhelming. When we stumble across something we love that makes this roller coaster ride a little smoother we will share it with you.

Thankou for visiting our blog!

If you would like to know more about each of us read on...

About Angi....

I was born in Adelaide, Australia where I spent the first 12 years of my life before moving two hours north of Adelaide to the beautiful Gilbert Valley, for wine lovers that is the valley between the amazing Clare and Barossa Valleys, with no vineyards. After a couple of years in university studying Eco-tourism I got the travelling bug and went to explore the world. My beautiful daughter Amelie was born in February 2010 and my life seemed so perfect. Since having Amelie I have decided to change my career and I am now studying in the area of Early Childhood Care and Education. A year ago I became a single mother and this has brought with it many challenges but also may rewards. I am so content at being a Mummy and I love the freedom I have to explore my passions and see what this wonderful world will bring me next.
When I met Tara in our local breastfeeding clinic I was delighted to have found a friend who was going through the same things I was going through, having a baby without your Mum close to you is a huge challenge. I knew we would have been friends if we had of met anywhere else and now we are best mates, partners in crime and each other’s honorary family. If Tara were my shrink I could never afford her, she is responsible for my sanity and so much more!
Some useless information about me…
I love to sing but loving to sing and being able to sing are two very different things!
This year I donated my pink and black high top runners to charity, I mourned their loss for weeks
I love technology but will never let go of books, real corks in wine bottles or hand written letters
My life is not measured by the number of breaths I take but my the moments that take my breath away
My favourite animals are seahorses and dragon flies
I am addicted to Latte’s
I hate driving but love road trips with my family
The warmth of the sun can make me feel like a million dollars but have proven that life can be colourful even when the sky is grey
My family and friends are my world as long as I have them in my heart I can and will survive anything and continue to love life!

About Tara...
I am originally from Ireland but spent most of my life traveling all over the world with my family.I started acting when I was 15 on a kids TV show in Korea and since then I haven't stopped. I have been incredibly lucky and have been to some amazing places and have worked with some very talented people.
I met my man about 2 years ago, and after a brief romance (6 months to be exact)  our little miracle was conceived. On the 18th February 2010 our baby boy Dylan James was born.. Somethings are just meant to be...
Juggling a career and a baby is somewhat a challenge, but something most mums can relate too. We are having fun seeing what works for us and what really doesn't. I am lucky enough to be able to take him on set with me and if I cant I have a handful of fabulous friends, who watch him for me. Its not uncommon to see DJ hanging out with my gorgeous actress friends in their cars, while mummy dives in to an audition.
I met Angi at a breast feeding clinic when the babies were 3 months old. Having been both in the same situation, of not having any family around , and having found our selves as stay at home mummies, we immediately bonded. I suffered with post natal depression and whether Angi realizes or not she was one of the key factors that helped me get over it.
Even if we didn't have babies, I know we would still be the best of friends.

Some useless information on me ...
I love to laugh and to make people laugh,
I love the smell of rain, but don't like getting wet,
I love chocolate, but like to go to the gym

I love traveling, but I am a real home body
I love meeting new people, and I make friends fast,
But I only have a handful of really close friends who I consider my family.

I am a true romantic and I wear my heart on my sleeve, Thank fully I have a man who will never break it. (Well he better not or I would break his legs ;-)

I am a traveling hippy, who likes nice clothes,

I am spiritual and I love to help people when I can...
The biggest love in my life is my little boy.

Thats me in a nut shell....