Monday, February 27, 2012

Lets talk travel mugs... again x

OK so have been 'off line' for a while but here we are back and blogging. No promises that I will get in more than one a week but that is my plan for now. Some new and updated reviews in the pipeline. We will bring back our Dublin Events Page and launch a London Events Page too... but for now lets talk travel mugs and me!
Not all that long ago I jumped on the travel mug band wagon. It was the boring silver type with a black lid. It did the job right but it didn't look all that me, I love a little colour in my life. So recently it broke, I recycled it and got super excited about getting a new travel mug.
I spotted these gorgeous ceramic travel mugs in Urban Outfitters around Christmas time. One of those things I should have just got there and the patterns are adorable. I thought that I would shop around a little more but nothing topped these until I was in good old Oxfam and found a simple but funky ceramic travel mug. Buy of the year I reckon... It's just like these ones only its plain white with a red band and a red top, seeing I'm trying a little to move away from pink and bring red back into my wardrobe its perfect, a little retro or something...

The first time I posted about my travel mug I gave you the math so here it is again
The Math –

If I got 1 take away coffee a week (and well let’s face it, it’s usually three) for a whole year I have saved by using my travel mug between 52 – 156 paper cups, and 52 – 156 plastic lids from ending up in landfill.

I also urged everyone who hasn't got themselves a good travel mug to do so and this little change in your life could make a big difference to our earth. It's a change I made a year ago and I haven't looked back just re-styled that's all :)

You can buy a huge range of travel mugs from Urban Outfitters online at

Angi xxx