Monday, July 25, 2011

Eco Tip - 10 ways to reuse yougurt containers

Good morning everyone, I have not done a good eco-post in a long time, so I though that it was a great day to start the week. I recently found myself getting a little creative in re-using yogurt containers of different shapes and sizes. Amelie has a variety of different yogurts that come in differ sized pots, I also eat yogurt that comes in large pots with lids. Taking them to the beach is her favourite or using them in water play. I have also recently started finger painting with her at home and using yogurt tubs as paint pots or to hold glitter (or the bits of paper from the  hole punch) she can crate master pieces that are now suck all over our house.

Ten ways to reuse yogurt containers…

1.     Small yogurt containers are perfect mini paint pots or holders for brushes for the budding artists

2.     Take a bunch of them to the beach and let your child fill them with sand and rock I guarantee it will keep them amused for hours

3.     Use them in the bath or in larger tubs for water play

4.     Homemade music makers, for small babies just pop in a few popping corns or a bit of rice, stick on the lid or cover the top and you have a homemade rattle.

5.     Larger Yogurt containers with lids can be fantastic for storing crayons, paint brushes, glitter, beads and strings

6.     As mini pots for planting seeds and seedlings

7.     Donate them to your local school to be used in arts and crafts

8.     Use them to make giant ice cubes to keep food or drinks in a cooler cold

9.     Use them to make icy poles in the freezer

10.  Use them to store snack and food in the fridge

*For the last two keep an eye on the type of plastic, be aware that we now know that BPA found in certain plastics may be harmful. We also know that heating any type of plastic not specifically designed for the microwave can be dangerous so do not expose these containers to high heat and stick to plastics with recycle numbers 1, 2, 4 or 5 for food storage.


If you would like to read more of our eco tips pop on over to our Eco Love page and please send us any suggestion you have, we would love to hear them.

Have a lovely green day,

Love and smiles, the Yummy Mummies and the Jetsetting Babies


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